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Interesting facts #1

90% of consumers are being driven towards the connected smart home trend by better security for their homes and families.

Interesting facts #2

Right now 3.6 billion people are using the Internet – that’s over half the world’s population connected to the world wide web just like you are.

Interesting facts #3

The majority of internet traffic is not generated by humans, but by bots and malware. According to a recent study conducted by Incapsula, 61.5% or nearly two-thirds of all the website traffic is caused by Internet bots.

Interesting facts #4

Ethernet – the most commonly used wired Internet – was invented almost half a century ago in the early 1970’s, by Bob Metcalfe. In the early days of computer networking, coaxial cables were used, the same type of cabling that is commonly used for cable or satellite TV today.

Interesting facts #5

Some of the strangest devices that connect to the Internet now include Walking Sticks, Umbrellas, Shirts, Water Bottles, Tails (for festival goers) and Cutlery. We’ve left the particularly odd items off this list!

Interesting facts #6

By 2020 it is estimated there will be over 50 billion Internet-connected devices worldwide being used by 7.8 billion people – over doubling the amount of average devices per person!